Friday, May 9, 2014

basement light box and setup

I know it's been awhile since I last posted anything. One of the biggest obstacles that prevented me from staying up to date with my blog was the lack of the proper facilities to document my finished work. So after a little online research, several trips to the home depot and $40 later, I have a basement lighting studio "thingy". It’s not perfect but I’d say it’s pretty good, and here are some pictures of my latest work (photographed in my basement!)  

This urn started out as a stacking pot class demo. After the demo I decided that too much work was put into it just to end up in the reclaim bucket. I felt like it needed something more so I made a stencil of a bloodhound and painted it with slip. I think I might explore more ideas using stencils and slip, I liked the process and I think this one came out ok for a first time trial.

Here is a hard-slab box construction class demo that again I felt like needed more decoration. One thing I learned from this project is that hand-building is hard and I need a lot more practice.

A Jedi basket 

And a lidded jar just for fun 

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  1. Those photos look awesome for 40 bucks, a basement and no photoshop!! email me the instructions! the work looks awesome!